Grand Bank Development Corporation

We are the Grand Bank Development Corporation (GBDC).
We work with partners in the private sector and all levels of government to improve and diversify the economy of Grand Bank, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada.

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Brief History

Established in 1991, the Grand Bank Development Corporation (GBDC) was formed following the collapse of the deep sea fishery in Newfoundland.

Our mission since has been to diversify the economy of the Town of Grand Bank through the attraction of new investment and businesses, to expand existing operations and to encourage import & export through development by offering programs and services that are client driven.

We plan to have a prosperous & vibrant town with a diversified economic base developed through new and continued investment and strengthened partnerships. The GBDC will focus on identified growth sectors while preserving the community's heritage and scenery.

Our Mandate

The mandate of the Grand Bank Development Corporation is to diversify the economy of the Town of Grand Bank after the collapse of the Province's deep sea fishery.

The GBDC is responsible for the attraction of new business investment to the town by promoting Grand Bank in the local, national, and international markets as a place to do business.

The GBDC also assists local businesses to expand and maintain current operations in an effort to create employment and wealth.

Furthermore, the Corporation assists local development groups in pursuit of non-commercial economic development initiatives within the Town.

Core Vision

The Grand Bank Development Corporation will be guided by the following core values in carrying out its mandate:

Provide quality programs and services focusing on the needs of our clients.

Employ professional and experienced staff to deliver our programs and services.

Provide a strong leadership role in economic and business development.

Develop a network of strong partnerships and contacts

Grand Bank is a prospering and progressive community located at the tip of the Burin Peninsula. Grand Bank has a history steeped in commerce and trade, dating back to the 1800s. The community was home to a fleet of banking and foreign-going ships, which earned it the moniker of “The Bank Fishing Capital” of Newfoundland.

The community of Grand Bank is strategically located in close proximity to both the North American & European (via Saint Pierre et Miquelon) markets.