Grand Bank Development Corporation


The Regional Women in Business Network is an informal network of business women and professionals who have come together to support one another within the business community and to address the distinct needs of women in business.

By providing professional services and networking opportunities, our members will be able to learn more efficient ways to operate or start their businesses, making them more profitable.

The Network is financially supported by Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) and the Grand Bank Development Corporation (GBDC).

Regional Women in Business Network has been established to:

Increase awareness of the role of women entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs

Facilitate their participation in the economic development of the Burin Peninsula area

To establish an informal Women in Business Network, bringing together local women entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs.

To hold business development and management seminars and workshops as identified by the network.

To establish an informal mentoring program for new business start-ups by women.

To organize and hold an Annual Regional Women in Business Trade Show for the areas of the Burin Peninsula.

The Regional Women in Business Network aims to inspire, promote & grow women-owned or operated businesses on the Burin Peninsula

Where to Find Us

Grand Bank Development Corporation Office
Buffett Building, 2nd Floor
3 Church Street 
P.O. Box 430
Grand Bank, NL, A0E 1W0

Phone (709) 832-3235
Toll free: 1-877-832-3235
Fax (709) 832-3225
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There is no charge to become a member of the network. 

The benefits to you and your business or potential business are very rewarding. 

If you would like more information on how to become involved please give us a call!

RWIBN Member Contact Information

Marystown - Burin Network    

Lord’s Cove – Lawn Network

Grand Bank - Fortune Network     

Gift of Health

Owner - Shobha Rayapubi

P.O. Box 340
352 Main Street
Burin, NL A0E 1E0
Phone: (709) 277-3657

Anne's Original Hooked Rugs
Traditional hooked rugs

Owner - Anne Kirby

P.O. Box 77
Lord's Cove, NL A0E 2C0

Phone: (709) 857-2331

The Paint Shop
Paint supplies and home décor

Owner - Bev Matthews

P.O. Box 1092
46 Main Street
Grand Bank, NL A0E 1W0
Phone: (709) 832-2350

Franco Services

Owner - Cecilia Bungay

P.O. Box 232
Burin Bay Arm, NL A0E 1G0
Phone: (709) 891-2655
Phone: (709) 277-3840

OIC Holdings Inc.

Owner – Phyllis Lockyer

P.O. Box 25
Site 8, RR1
Lamaline, NL A0E 2C0
Phone: (709)369-2025

Wooden's Flooring
Installation of flooring

Owner - Brenda Wooden

P.O. Box 696
11 Main Street
Grand Bank, NL A0E 1W0
Phone: (709) 832-2551
Phone: (709) 832-4113

Golden Sands Resort
Cabins and RV park

Owner - Daisy Matthews Brinton
P.O. Box 1269
Winterland Road
Marystown, NL A0E 2M0
Phone: (709) 891-2400
Phone: (709) 277-7606

Wooly Hooker
Knitted work

Owner - Melanie Lambe

P.O. Box 59
Lawn, NL A0E 2E0
Phone: (709) 873-2110

Boot Computer Systems
Computer repair, satellite installation and Bell Aliant outlet

Owner - Jackie Haley

P.O. Box 550
82 Main Street
Fortune, NL A0E 1P0
Phone: (709) 832-0433

O.M. Shanti Property Management Ltd.

Owner - Santhi Shellamuthu

P.O. Box 340
204 Main Street
Burin, NL A0E 1E0
Phone: (709) 277-7085

Grand Bank Retirement Centre
Senior’s care facility

Manager - Nadia Slaney
P.O. Box 10
51A Grandview Blvd.
Grand Bank, NL A0E 1W0
Phone: (709) 832-3900
Phone: (709) 351-1502

Tilly’s Salon and Solarium

Owner - Patricia Kelly

P.O. Box 1761
Marystown, NL A0E 2M0
Phone: (709) 279-3838

Bennett's Construction & Supplied Ltd.
Construction, rental of equipment and home repair
Owner - Jennifer Lake
P.O. Box 7
40 Main Street
Grand Bank, NL A0E 1W0
Phone: (709) 832-2800

Personal training

Owner - Lisa MacLeod

P.O. Box 22
Marystown, NL A0E 2M0
Phone: (709) 279-3474

Jenny's Place Cafe Ltd.
Pizza shop and cafe

Owner - Jennifer Price

P.O. Box 844
1 Church Street
Grand Bank, NL A0E 1W0
Phone: (709) 832-1219

Serenity Funeral Home
Funeral home

Owner - Lorraine Blundon

P.O. Box 429
95 Main Street
Burin Bay Arm, NL A0E 1G0
Phone: (709) 891-2225

Sow & Sew Floral and Fabrics
Flower and fabric shop

Owner - Margaret Forsey

P.O. Box 963
9 Church Street
Grand Bank, NL A0E 1W0
Phone: (709) 832-2752

Thimble Box
Quilting lessons and fabric shop

Owner - Sherri Dodge

P.O. Box 184
181-185 McGettigan Blvd.
Marystown, NL A0E 1M0
Phone: (709) 279-4457

Good On Ya
Aroma therapy service, skincare products handcrafted using 100% natural ingredients

Owner - Valerie Fleming

P.O. 39, Site 6
Point May, NL A0E 2C0
Phone: (709) 763-7382

Marie’s Catering

Owner - Marie LeTemplier

P.O. Box 4, Site 4
Burin, NL A0E 1E0
Phone: (709) 891-2559

Fisherman's View B&B

Co-Owner - Renee Johnson

P.O. Box 741
22 Blackburn Road
Grand Bank, NL A0E 1W0
Phone: (709) 353-2052

Books of the Sea
Tales and stories of the sea of NL

Manager - Sadie Parsons

P.O. Box 131
Grand Bank, NL A0E 1W0
Phone: (709) 832-2427

Wear Fashion Matters

Owner - Michelle Rose

P.O. Box 580
Fortune, NL A0E 1P0
Phone: (709) 832-0101